• 2-Camera version: $19.99/month - no contract required
  • 4-Camera version: $29.99/month - no contract required

Oplink’s TripleShield™ wireless security, monitoring, and surveillance solution is the first plug-and-play home security platform that you can quickly and easily install yourself. TripleShield seamlessly integrates multi-location video surveillance and event recording, intrusion alarms, real-time simultaneous alerts, and alarm management, all through a broadband or cellular network. The entire solution is controlled through an easy-to-use smartphone app, giving you complete, convenient control. TripleShield allows for multiple user access, so you can authorize family, friends, and emergency contacts to receive alerts and/or manage your system no matter where you are.

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TripleShield includes:

  • Oplink Processing Unit (OPU), an intelligent hub that provides wireless access to the Oplink Cloud, and automatically manages all Oplink devices in your home
  • Smartphone/tablet app that controls the entire system no matter where you are
  • Multiple user access to enable up to 5 authorized users
  • 2 or 4 wireless IP cameras with optional motion detection
  • Two door/window sensors that alert the system when a door or window is opened
  • Infrared motion sensor with 120 degrees of coverage
  • Two key fob remotes to arm or disarm the system - including panic button function
  • Removable 16 GB storage for additional video recording capacity
  • 3 - Window decals to show that your home is protected
  • Available 3G backup

Like all Oplink Security solutions, TripleShield is easily expandable. You can add additional packages or individual components, such as cameras or sensors at any time. Regardless of how many components you add, Oplink's plug and play technology automatically integrates and configures each component with your existing system.

You can also add additional authorized users and emergency contact and/or a 3G cellular backup to your system. Additional charges apply for these services.



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